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About Me

Photographers are often classified by their principal subject. I am a street photographer in contrast, for instance, to a landscape or portrait photographer. But categories can be slippery. I am also a travel photographer. When I travel, I do street photography and most of my shooting is outdoors. My principal camera is a Canon 60D with a 400mm Tamron lens. Backup cameras are the Nikon Coolpix P7000 and my Nokia 7.1 smartphone. My subjects are what I find interesting. That said, there are some subjects that recur in my photos. I like color and form, especially geometric forms. I often take candid shots of people like the ones of colorfully dressed Quechua women in Cajamarca, Peru. I also find doors, windows and buildings interesting. Often a particular country presents scenes that are culturally specific like the Plaza de Armas in Peru or the caballitos de totora in Huanchaco, Peru. In Spain I was drawn to alleys in small towns like Zumia and Hondarribia and to old quarters. It’s the tremendous variety of subjects that fascinates me when I travel. There are also obstacles for the travel-street photographer. For me, it’s cars – parked or moving – in large cities. They are everywhere; and since I’m usually also a tourist, I seldom have an opportunity to wait for a time when a subject might be car-free. But having people in photos can be a plus, especially when their presence gives perspective – an individual near a large building, for instance. I also seldom think about the “golden hour”, the period just after sunrise or before sunset, when the ambient light is considered most conducive for taking photos. Being a tourist precludes this luxury. Still, the opportunities for interesting subjects as a travel-street photographer are endless.

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